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Competitive Programs with Balance...


Yes, joining a competitive program is a big commitment, from dancer & parent... It is an investment financially and of your time. Extra expenses such as travel, entry fees, choreography fees, costuming and team wear will be involved.

So what makes our competitive program great?

  • All of our divisions train 3 days per week... Mini, Junior, Inter & Senior. This gives plenty of time for schoolwork, after school jobs, siblings activities or spending time with family. 

  • Do-able times! No classes or group choreography will begin before 5pm! All of our class times are appropriate to each age group, with our latest class end time being 9:30pm. 

  • And YES! You can go to your school dance... Your Family event etc.  As we do believe that commitment to our team must be made, and team members must keep great attendance, we do also believe that our dancers and families should not have to miss out on milestones. 

  • Our educated & knowledgable faculty are encouraging & commited to the success of ALL dancers!

  • Our competitive team trains for FREE in the summer! Summer classes are so important to not only maintain skills, but to keep you progressing & working on new skills & technique for the upcoming season. We make it easy for our dancers to train, while parents can prepare for the new season. 

Check out PDC's Competitive Program fees ...

MINI (Ages 5-8)        $1600  +HST    5hrs/week

JUNIOR (Ages 8-11)  $2750 +HST    8hrs/week

INTER (Ages 11-14)    $3000 +HST    9-10hrs/week

SENIOR (Ages 14+)   $3000 +HST    9-10hrs/week

* Group choreo included. 

Choreography Fees :

SOLO            $400 +HST   -  5hrs total with Choreographer

DUET/TRIO   $275 +HST    - 5hrs total with Choreographer 

*Guest Choreographer fees & hours may differ. 

Email us at for more information on our competitive programs. 

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